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CCPA Questions Answers by an Experienced Data Privacy Lawyer

Posted by Axiom Law on January 16, 2020

Axiom lawyer Sue Gomez outlines what companies need to know now that CCPA is live.


The Many Sides of Miami-based Axiom Lawyer Alina Denis Jarjour

Posted by Axiom Law on January 15, 2020

Alina Denis Jarjour brings experience in life sciences, compliance, and mindfulness to her work and practices law in both English and Spanish.


Building Global Experience and Balancing Two Passions: Law and Kitesurfing

Posted by Axiom Law on January 7, 2020

Hong Kong-based Julia Mac has grown as a legal professional and athlete with Axiom’s flexible employment model.


Bringing a Human Connection to Law and Ministry

Posted by Axiom Law on December 18, 2019

Axiom lawyer Conan Chitham balances legal work with serving as a Minister in the Church of England.


Preparing for CCPA and Beyond — Axiom Privacy Experts Offer Insight

Posted by Axiom Law on December 11, 2019

Data privacy regulations are increasing. Axiom lawyers offer insider advice on how companies can prepare.


Navigating a Stricter Privacy Regulation Framework

Posted by Axiom Law on December 4, 2019

Axiom lawyer Virginia Tate brings an international perspective to privacy law.


IR35: End of Contractor and Gig Economy Lawyers in the UK

Posted by Axiom Law on November 19, 2019

IR35, the UK’s new tax law governing freelancers, will change how self-employed lawyers and their clients work together. The legal industry must start preparing now.


Simple Strategies to Make the Most of Your Q4 Budget

Posted by Axiom Law on November 13, 2019

With the year’s end quickly approaching, here’s how you can effectively utilize your remaining budget to ensure a strong start to the new year.