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Legal Staffing Agency Alternative

Axiom goes beyond a typical legal staffing firm to match high-caliber, flexible business lawyers to the specific needs of your in-house team, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth.

Get started with 4 easy steps

Step 1
Get in touch and schedule a consultation
Step 2
Receive a curated list of Axiom lawyers matched to your needs
Step 3
Interview one or more of our suggested options
Step 4
The Axiom lawyer begins work

These steps can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Get legal support from Axiom

Let's discuss your legal department challenges and work together to find the right talent solutions.

A Trusted Partner

20 years of proven experience

of F100 companies are clients
NPS score (2x B2B average)
Client revenue retention
Lawyers with F500 experience
Lawyers with AM LAW100 experience
Average years of PQE
Identify as women (1.5x industry average)
Identify as racial/ethnic minorities (2x industry average)
Identify as black (2x industry average)

Access our bench of 14,000+ legal professionals

"Axiom lawyers have the same acumen and capability as large law firm lawyers or members of my in-house team, and they sit with us to understand how the business operates"

Executive Vice President and General Counsel Senior Assisted Service Provider
Who is Axiom?

Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent.

Who employs your lawyers?

The majority of our lawyers are salaried, W-2 employees of Axiom.

What are your key practice areas and how many lawyers do you have specialized in them?
  • Capital Markets: 275+
  • Commercial Contracts: 1,600+
  • Corporate: 400+
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: 225+
  • Finance: 1,000+
  • Intellectual Property: 150+
  • Labor and Employment: 175+
  • Litigation: 125+
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: 350+
  • Real Estate: 75+
  • Regulatory and Compliance: 300+
How do I begin an engagement with Axiom?

Once you reach out to us, we’ll partner with you to identify the needs and challenges of your department. Once we understand the scope of your needs, we will review our bench of lawyers and propose a solution, which could range from one lawyer focusing on a specific project to a sophisticated, structured team. 

Are you a law firm?

No, Axiom is a C-corporation, a structure that creates flexibility in our ability to craft solutions for our clients. Ethics rules govern how Axiom engages with clients and Axiom lawyers. To learn more, please contact us.

Are you a temporary staffing firm?

No, Axiom is not a temp agency and our lawyers are not temporary workers. Temp firms are not set up to meet the demands of modern legal departments and focus on high-volume, low-complexity work. Axiom has 20 years of experience fulfilling the unique, complex legal staffing needs of in-house departments.

Are Axiom lawyers set up to work remotely?

Yes, Axiom has 20 years of experience in remote engagements, supporting the onboarding and management of thousands of remote relationships.

Axiom enables you to stay agile in a changing business environment

Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand talent, with a network of over 14,000 legal professionals with deep experience across many industries and practice areas.

Whether it's a single secondee or large-scale team solution, our support is designed to meet your needs and can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions.

Drive business success with tailor-made legal teams and solutions that match your culture, risk profile, and preferences.

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