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Axiom is where top lawyers go to get more control over their career, so they can reach their full potential in both their work life and their personal life. Only Axiom allows you to work smarter, adapt faster, and go further in your legal career.

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We’re looking for high-caliber talent to join our growing network of lawyers and legal professionals. If you’re interested in learning more, see the types of opportunities we offer and get started.

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Over 6,900

Talented Legal Professionals


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of our clients are Fortune 100 Companies

We have incredible opportunities with top clients for every stage of your legal career.

Solo Practitioner

Join Axiom to gain more freedom and flexibility in your career through high-quality work tailored to your current and future interests. Discover the benefits of a flexible schedule that allows you to pursue the passions that fuel your personal life.

Early Career

Enjoy the shift from traditional setting through flexible hours, work location, and choosing interesting engagements at top clients that best aligns with your goals.

Lateral Hire

As an established professional, Axiom provides a path to explore the shift from law firm to general counsel through engagements delivering gain in-house experience. More than 6,900+ trust the stability and flexibility provided by Axiom.

Axiom is committed to helping you “work smarter, adapt faster, go further,” so you can better steer your own career.

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Why Become an Axiom Lawyer?

Competitive compensation & benefits
  • Competitive compensation
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Professional development resources
True work-life balance
  • Flexibility in the hours and types of engagements you choose
  • Remote or on-site engagement opportunities
  • Part-time and full-time options
  • Time off between assignments can be as long as you want
Interesting work with top global clients
  • Challenging and innovative work
  • Variety of engagements with the ability to provide legal work through secondments or provide project-based counsel
  • Stable work with little time off between assignments (if you choose)
  • Different practice areas and industries to experience

Join our diverse group of lawyers

We are committed to hiring and supporting a diverse group of employees, and are proud to report that our lawyer population is significantly more diverse than industry standards. We were named one of the “Best Places to Work” for LGBTQ inclusion by the Human Rights Campaign, are proud to be Mansfield Certified, and are committed to consider at least 50% diverse candidates for leadership roles and outside counsel

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FAQs for Lawyers

What kind of lawyers work with Axiom?

We hire lawyers of all experience levels. We look for people with outstanding legal and business acumen, of course, but we focus much of our time and energy on uncovering the intangibles: proactivity, adaptability, judgment, a freshness of approach, and the ability to work well within the commercial environment of our clients. All of these make a great Axiomite. We look for people with whom we are confident will represent Axiom and our legal services well to our clients. We hire only one in twenty-five applicants and our professionals are alumni of the best law firms and companies in the world.

How are Axiom lawyers compensated?

Our compensation is very competitive with in-house roles and most law firms. Our lawyers and other legal professionals are compensated on an annualized salary basis, which is prorated for the time spent on engagements. We consider several different factors when setting salaries, including PQE, in-house and/or private practice expertise, and management experience.

What kind of work can I expect through Axiom?

Half of the Fortune 100 companies are our clients, meaning our lawyers work on complex and interesting work, with the ability to pivot between types of projects or industries when an engagement ends. You can be fully immersed in a role when a company has a gap in coverage or needs additional outside help, or can provide counsel on an as-needed basis for the length of a project. Some of our lawyers oversee a team of Axiom attorneys and legal professionals who provide legal services to clients on a larger scale. 

How can Axiom help me meet my career goals?

Many of our lawyers choose Axiom as part of their legal career journey to help them find a more senior role in the future. Many of our alumni are now GCs in places they might not have otherwise been able to reach, due to the in-house experiences and skills you might not have the chance to gain working at a firm or a smaller business. Others choose to work with Axiom to supplement their solo practice or other career pursuits outside of providing legal services, or just to gain new experiences in different industries as they forge their career path.

Are there remote working opportunities with Axiom?

Yes. Even before the pandemic, we were ahead of the game with many of our engagements either full-time remote or hybrid. Since the pandemic, we have continued to provide remote opportunities, but also have hybrid or in-person engagements as well.

How do Axiom's Hiring and Engagement Processes work?

From the beginning of the hiring process to your first engagement and subsequent re-engagements, we're with you every step of the way. We offer engagements in more than a dozen practice areas in virtually every industry.

So, what does it take to become a lawyer at Axiom? Interviews are a two-step process. If you move past the first interview, we follow with diligence and background checks, and once through that you join our Waitlist. The Waitlist is where we will start sharing opportunities from which you can choose your first engagement.

How long is a typical Axiom engagement?

Globally, the average engagement lasts approximately 11 months, though most lawyers stay engaged with their clients for many more months, and often years, longer. Lawyers who crave stability will find it a core part of Axiom’s business model. If you’re looking for a change at any time – just let us know and we can find you something new that suits your desired law career path.

Before your engagement concludes, about 4-6 weeks in advance, we will start talking to you about the next opportunity. Between engagements, our benefits continue for a 3-month period, and you continue to have full access to our extensive professional development and networking offers during this time. 

Our lawyers spend minimal waiting time between engagements, unless they want to. Our lawyers’ utilization is nearing 90%, which means that our attorneys are working for as many hours (or as few) as they’d like to practice.

What is daily life at Axiom like?

Once you join Axiom, you will be introduced to your dedicated Talent Success Partner, who can help you tailor your career path at Axiom and discuss specific engagement opportunities. 

What professional development support can I expect with Axiom?

We are committed to providing you with a wide range of legal and commercial resources to enable your continued professional development and legal career in a meaningful and valuable way. We offer accredited CLE courses focused on updating or enriching legal skills, and provide resources from Practicing Law Institute, LexisNexis, and IAPP. We also provide support for courses, conferences, and events, as well as bar dues or practicing fee reimbursement. We are strong believers in leveraging our impressive network of Axiom lawyers. 

Will I receive benefits as an Axiom employee?

Yes, you are an Axiom employee and not just an independent contractor like in a staffing firm. You will receive healthcare and retirement benefits, paid time off, and access to the Employee Assistance Program as part of your Axiom employment.

Meet Your Future Team

Consumer & Services
“If you have the skills, Axiom will let you shine for their clients without any institutional hierarchy which might hold you back otherwise.”
  • 20 + years of experience
  • Worked at major law firms specializing in IP and trademarks
  • Axiom lawyer since 2008, engaged as head of IP for F50 company
Life Sciences, Services, M&A
“Axiom work keeps me grounded on what’s going on in the industry and staying involved in large transactions at global companies, while my own firm keeps me connected to my community.”
  • 20 + years of experience
  • Partner at a prominent law firm
  • Engaged to support M&A work at an F100 consumer & services company
  • JD from Columbia Law School
Intellectual Property
“If you broaden your horizons a bit and are open to new things, you can try something you’d never get the chance to do through a law firm. I’m so happy I took the chance with Axiom and learned new things to improve my career.”
  • 4 + years of experience
  • Worked with a global energy company and one of the world's most recognized home appliance manufacturers
  • Currently engaged in intellectual property work for one of the world's most revered entertainment companies
Financial Services, Derivatives
“This is the best job of my life because I have a ton of respect and freedom, and I work with a team that maintains the highest level of professionalism.”
  • 18+ years experience
  • Served as a Risk & Compliance lawyer at Linklaters
  • Engaged at a multinational bank
Derivatives, Financial Services
“What I love most about my engagement with this client is from day one, I hit the ground running and was assigned major deals. The work is substantive and complex and fits my skill set perfectly.”
  • 25 + years of experience
  • History of working in law firms as a transactional lawyer and on the business side as a ratings analyst and COO for asset managers
  • Engaged as a transactional lawyer at one of the largest insurance providers in the world

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