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Seeking Qualified Counsel in Toronto? Axiom Can Help.

Axiom is where legal teams go to find the right talent for everything from everyday in-house tasks to complex in-house and outside counsel work. We’re how lawyers and clients everywhere get their higher standards met.

Unlike other Toronto legal recruiters, our massive talent pool is:

  • Well-Educated – 850+ of our lawyers attended a Top 50 law schools in the United States, according to US News & World Report’s rankings.
  • Diverse – Our attorneys come from all walks of life and speak 30+ languages.
  • Experienced – Our counselors have an average of 15 years of experience.
  • Flexible – Your partnership isn’t permanent and can adapt to meet your needs.
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As leading Toronto legal headhunters, we can put you in touch with highly experienced legal counsel across numerous industries. Our bench of attorneys offers one of the most diverse pools of candidates in the legal field. 

Lawyer Spotlight

Oswald Fernandez

Oswald Fernandez is an internationally qualified and experienced corporate and commercial lawyer who has been in private practice, as well as, in-house practice, including a stint of being wholly immersed in business and operations.  Oswald began his career as a litigator, and later morphed into the role of a solicitor, catering to a variety of clients, most recently in the commodities, infrastructure/P3, food production, transportation, private equity, and municipal/NFP spaces.  Oswald enjoys advising clients on strategic and routine matters, risk mitigation, and compliance, all within the realm of a business and operations context.

Axiom has been tremendously exciting, stimulating, and rewarding place as, aside from the diversity of clients, the work in itself, and the people involved have been an energizing force, and a pleasure to work with and accomplish a lot of things.  Each client, given its unique makeup, setup, and getup has been an incessant source of learning, professional development, career growth, and a good dose of fun along the way!  A choice of full time, part time, ad hoc, on site, or off site engagements goes a long way in ensuring flexibility, and a good work-life balance!

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Axiom is revolutionizing legal staffing solutions in Toronto and far beyond. We know that you’re not simply looking to fill an empty seat at the table—you’re looking for a smart, savvy, highly trained legal pro with the experience to do things right the first time. 

Starting your journey with a hand-picked lawyer or team takes only four simple steps:

  • Set up a consultation with the Axiom team
  • Review our curated list of attorneys who fit your legal needs
  • Interview the candidates you’re interested in
  • Choose an attorney and begin onboarding right away

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Meet the canada team

Andrew Walker

Senior Manager

As a Senior Manager, Andrew works closely with leaders at some of the largest organizations in the world. He helps them define goals, design engagements and measure success. Trust is built through credibility and transparency. Prior to joining Axiom, Andrew was a legal solutions consultant at Thomson Reuters and a lawyer at one of Canada’s largest law firms. His years spent working as a successful M&A and commercial deals lawyer inform his collaborative and practical approach.

Meet the canada team

Ciaran McGovern

Manager, Consumer, Services and Industrials

Ciaran has the responsibility of maintaining and growing Axiom’s footprint in Canada across the Consumer, Services, and Industrials industries. Before joining Axiom, Ciaran was a management consultant specializing in procurement and managed services at Wavestone (formerly Everest Group), an international, publicly traded consulting organization. Ciaran enjoys collaborating with his clients to create strategic approaches to manage legal departments and finding operational and financial solutions for all legal ecosystems.

Meet the canada team

Kim Mayer

Talent Engagement

As the lead of Talent Engagement across Canada, Kim is accountable for understanding our clients’ needs, outlining the scope of their needs and requirements, and matching these against the skills and expertise of our lawyers. After graduating from OttawaU with an honours degree in political science, Kim spent time working abroad before settling in Toronto.

Meet the canada team

Mitch Figueroa

Manager, Financial Services

As a manager, Mitch is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and growing Axiom’s footprint throughout the Canadian Financial Services industry. Mitch enjoys collaborating with clients to identify strategic resourcing approaches to help clients build flexible, robust legal departments. Prior to joining Axiom, Mitch was an associate in Capital Markets at one of the largest International Banks and an auditor for the Federal government of Canada.

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Axiom is an Equal Opportunity employer and complies with the laws and regulations related to employment and the advancement of employment opportunities for qualified disabled persons, disabled veterans, Vietnam-era veterans, women and members of minority groups.