Virtual Law Firm

Axiom is a global leading alternative legal services provider (ALSP), supporting virtual law practices with a high-caliber virtual legal team online in every major city in the United States. Our virtual law support consists of a network of over 5,800 legal professionals with expertise across many industries and practice areas.

Axiom secondment lawyers can be hired to:

Fill gaps in headcount
Support during surges in workload
Cover for medical and family leave

Unlike traditional legal recruiting partners, Axiom offers:

  • High-caliber lawyers with an average of 15 years' experience
  • Experience working within/for Am Law 100 and F500 businesses
  • Flexible legal talent to help you scale with 2400 lawyers across 10 countries and 60 languages

Our bench includes:

  • 750+ lawyers with Fortune 500 experience
  • 750+ lawyers with Am Law 100 experience
  • 650+ lawyers form US News & World Report Top 50 law schools
  • Lawyers supporting clients in ~10 countries
  • 60+ languages


savings over traditional law firms

Over 50%

of Fortune 100 companies are Axiom clients

"Axiom lawyers have the same acumen and capability as large law firm lawyers or members of my in-house team, and they sit with us to understand how the business operates"

Executive Vice President and General Counsel Senior Assisted Service Provider

Who is Axiom? 
Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent.

How long has Axiom been in business?
Axiom was founded in 2000 and has been in business over 20 years. Our lawyers have completed over 8,000 client engagements.

How many lawyers are on your global bench? 
Axiom employs over 5,800 lawyers globally. Search our network of high-caliber lawyers.

Who employs your lawyers?
The majority of our lawyers are salaried, W-2 employees of Axiom.

Which industries do you serve?
We work with companies in the services, industrials, technology, financial, services, and life sciences industries.

Are you a law firm? 
No, Axiom is a C-corporation, a structure that creates flexibility in our ability to craft solutions for our clients. Ethics rules govern how Axiom engages with clients and Axiom lawyers. To learn more, please contact us.

Are you a temp firm?
No, Axiom is not a temp agency and our lawyers are not temps. Temp firms are not set up to meet the demands of modern legal departments and focus on high-volume, low-complexity work. Axiom has 20 years of experience fulfilling the unique, complex legal staffing needs of in-house departments. Learn more about how Axiom compares to legal staffing agencies.

Are Axiom lawyers set up to work remotely?
Yes, Axiom has 20 years of experience in remote engagements, supporting the onboarding and management of thousands of remote relationships.

Do your lawyers carry malpractice insurance?
Yes, Axiom maintains professional liability insurance under a standard Lawyers Professional Liability policy. Proof of coverage can be provided upon request.

Axiom enables you to stay agile in a changing business environment

Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand talent, with a network of over 5,800 legal professionals with expertise across many industries and practice areas. Whether it's a single secondee or large-scale team solution, our support is designed to meet your needs and can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions.

Drive business success with tailor-made legal teams and solutions that match your culture, risk profile, and preferences.

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