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Virtual Law Firm

Axiom is a global leading alternative legal services provider (ALSP), supporting virtual law practices with a high-caliber virtual legal team online in every major city in the United States. Our virtual law support consists of a network of over 14,000 legal professionals with deep experience across many industries and practice areas.

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20 years of proven experience

of F100 companies are clients
NPS score (2x B2B average)
Client revenue retention
Lawyers with F500 experience
Lawyers with AM LAW100 experience
Average years of PQE
Identify as women (1.5x industry average)
Identify as racial/ethnic minorities (2x industry average)
Identify as black (2x industry average)

Access our bench of 14,000+ legal professionals

"Axiom lawyers have the same acumen and capability as large law firm lawyers or members of my in-house team, and they sit with us to understand how the business operates"

Executive Vice President and General Counsel Senior Assisted Service Provider

Virtual Law Office

A virtual law office uses technology to provide legal services to clients remotely. Remote legal services can save clients money on overhead costs and can provide flexibility and convenience for both lawyers and clients. Virtual law firms can use video conferencing, document sharing, and other tools to provide legal services to clients anywhere in the world.

Virtual Law Firm Lawyer

Axiom enables you to stay agile in a changing business environment

Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand talent, with a network of over 14,000 legal professionals with deep experience across many industries and practice areas.

Whether it's a single secondee or large-scale team solution, our support is designed to meet your law practice or legal department's needs and can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions. It's important that you work with a trusted partner that understands the specifics of your business.

At Axiom, we take a holistic approach, in order to ensure our virtual lawyers seamlessly integrate into your business and ways of working. Drive business success with tailor-made legal teams and solutions that match your culture, risk profile, and preferences.

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