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FAQs for lawyers


What kind of lawyer is Axiom looking for?

We hire lawyers of all experience levels. We look for people with outstanding legal and business acumen of course, but we focus much of our time and energy on uncovering the intangibles. Proactivity, adaptability, judgment, a freshness of approach and the ability to work well within the commercial environment of our clients. All of these make a great Axiomite.

How do Axiom's Hiring and Engagement Processes work?

From the beginning of the Hiring Process through to your first Engagement and subsequent re-engagements, we're with you every step of the way.

Interviews are a two-step process. If you move past the first interview, we follow with diligence and background checks, once through that you join our Waitlist. The Waitlist is where we’ll start sharing opportunities to choose from for your first engagement.

Axiom Lawyer FAQ

How long is a typical Axiom engagement?

The average engagement globally is 9 months, but will certainly vary depending on the client, with some running into years. Fancy a change at any time – just let us know and we can find you something new.

When your engagement concludes (and even before) we will start talking to you about the next opportunity. Between engagements our benefits continue for a period and you have full access to our extensive professional development and networking offers.

Life at Axiom

What is daily life at Axiom like?

Once you join Axiom, you will be introduced to your personal Talent Partner who can help you tailor your career at Axiom and discuss specific engagement opportunities. We also have a vibrant Axiomite network. We host regular social events in our local offices and beyond from happy hours, specialty networking and discussion groups, guest speakers and of course opportunities to get active – think runs, hikes, paddleboarding and more.

Check out our Glassdoor page to see what lawyers say about life as an Axiomite.

What professional development support can I expect with Axiom?

We are committed to providing you with a wide range of legal and commercial resources that will enable your continued professional development in a meaningful and valuable way. We offer accredited courses focused on updating or enriching legal skills. And most of our learning is online so you can access when you want on your schedule. Finally we are strong believers in leveraging our impressive network of Axiom lawyers. We have an active mentoring program and offer specific leadership and coaching support in our Ambassador and Subject Matter Excellence cohorts. All in all there is plenty to engage and grow your skills.

Are there remote working opportunities with Axiom?

Yes. Last year over 20% of our engagements were remote - where a lawyer from one Axiom office was engaged with a client from another Axiom office – and we expect this number to continue to grow. Not only does this provide unique and varied opportunities for our lawyers but our clients love it to as it allows them to find a perfect fit for their needs.

Current Opportunities