A leader in diversity, inclusion, and social engagement

Year: 2019

Gender (global)
Race / Ethnicity (US)

Axiom lawyers are more diverse than industry standards according to the ABA and NALP

Commitment to diversity and 
inclusion is fundamental to Axiom

For legal departments, diversity is now a business requirement. At Axiom, diversity is core to our values and our business, and we’re proud to report that the lawyers and employees who work for us reflect this.

Our lawyers are more diverse than industry standards according to the ABA and NALP. We earned a “best place to work” for LGBTQ employees from HRC, and we are committed to a journey where inclusion goes beyond gender, race, and ethnicity.

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Diversity in teams and businesses brings enhanced creativity in problem-solving, innovation, and leadership – all stemming from a group of people who have seen and achieved infinitely more collectively than any one person might draw on alone.
Elena Donio Axiom Board Member

Diversity is at the core of our business

In our first-ever diversity report, we share our 2018 diversity statistics around race/ethnicity and gender for our United States-based lawyers and corporate headquarters staff. Read the full report to learn more about how Axiom is more diverse than most law firms and the US lawyer population.

We are leading the way on diversity and inclusion in law and business

“Best Places to Work” for LGBTQ inclusion
We are proud to have scored 100% for LGBTQ employees from the Human Rights Campaign

Mansfield Rule: legal department edition
We are committed to consider at least 50% diverse candidates for leadership roles and outside counsel representation

Pro Bono Net partnership
Enables Axiom lawyers provide access to legal assistance to underserved communities

Employee initiatives
Women in Leadership; Axiom Outlaws our LGBTQ and allies group; and our corporate social responsibility program, Axiom Engage

Innovative flexible employment model
Our business is build on offering lawyers empowerment, flexibility, and choice

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One of the best places to work
for LGBTQ inclusion, from the Human Rights Campaign

Meet our diverse bench of legal talent

As lawyers, we want to be advocates for our clients, as well as help mold and shape legislation.
Sue Gomez Axiom Lawyer Read her story
Compared to law firms, working at Axiom and on in-house engagements has a much better work-life balance.
Sneha Pathak Axiom Lawyer Read her story
With Axiom, you're part of the business, and you’re supported by the Axiom team throughout.
Alina Dennis Jarjour Axiom Lawyer Read her story
At Axiom, I feel like I can bring my whole self to work.
Lithemba Velleman Axiom Lawyer Read his story

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