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Learn more about working with Axiom, the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent.

About Axiom

Who is Axiom?
Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent.

How long has Axiom been in business?
Axiom was founded in 2000 and has been in business over 20 years. Our lawyers have completed over 8,000 client engagements.

How many lawyers are on Axiom's global bench?
Axiom employs over 5,800 lawyers globally. Search our network of high-caliber lawyers.

Who employs Axiom lawyers?
The majority of our lawyers are salaried, W-2 employees of Axiom.

Which industries does Axiom serve?
We work with companies in the services, industrials, technology, financial services, and life sciences industries.

What are Axiom's key practice areas, and how many lawyers does Axiom have specialized in them?

Our lawyers work in many additional specialty areas and can help your company with a wide range of legal needs. 

Is Axiom a law firm?
No, Axiom is a C-corporation, a structure that creates flexibility in our ability to craft solutions for our clients. Ethics rules govern how Axiom engages with clients and Axiom lawyers. To learn more, please contact us.

Is Axiom a temp firm?
No, Axiom is not a temp agency and our lawyers are not temps. Temp firms are not set up to meet the demands of modern legal departments and focus on high-volume, low-complexity work. Axiom has 20 years of experience fulfilling the unique, complex legal staffing needs of in-house departments. Learn more about how Axiom compares to legal staffing agencies.

Are Axiom lawyers set up to work remotely?
Yes, Axiom has 20 years of experience in remote engagements, supporting the onboarding and management of thousands of remote relationships.

Do Axiom lawyers carry malpractice insurance?
Yes, Axiom maintains professional liability insurance under a standard Lawyers Professional Liability policy. Proof of coverage can be provided upon request.

What's the Experience of Working with Axiom?

How do I begin an engagement with Axiom? 
Once you reach out to us, we’ll partner with you to identify the needs and challenges of your departmentOnce we understand the scope of your needs, we will review our bench of lawyers and propose a solution, which could range from one lawyer focusing on a specific project to a sophisticated, structured team. 

How does Axiom onboard lawyers to new engagements?   
Axiom has 20 years of experience working with many clients, vendors, and invoicing platforms to aid onboarding. We partner closely with our clients throughout the lawyer onboarding process and use detailed checklists and methods to ensure our lawyers are effective from day one 

How does Axiom maintain lawyer-client privilege? 
Axiom lawyers are bound by the same ethical rules governing lawyer-client privilege that all lawyers engaged in the practice of law must follow. To ensure privilege remains in place, specific client legal work is not discussed with Axiom business team members. If required, Axiom can put an NDA in place. 

Who Are Axiom Lawyers?

Why do lawyers work for Axiom?
Axiom empowers our lawyers to reimagine their legal careers. Axiom lawyers can choose engagements that fit their experience, interests, and preferences; gain access to innovative clients and work with the world’s best companies; and balance their life and legal practice. Our lawyers have an average of 15+ years of experience. Learn more.

How do Axiom lawyers compare to industry standards for diversity and inclusion?
At Axiom, diversity is core to our values and our business. Our lawyers are more diverse than industry standards according to the ABA and NALP; 52% of our lawyers are women, and 29% of our lawyers identify as racial or ethnic minorities. In 2020, Axiom achieved Mansfield Certification, as announced by Diversity Lab. For more information please read our latest Diversity Report.

What level of post-qualified experience do Axiom lawyers have?
0-4 PQE: 9% of Axiom lawyers
5-9 PQE: 12% of Axiom lawyers
10+ PQE: 76% of Axiom lawyers

Are Axiom lawyers generalists or focused on specific practice areas?
With over 5,800 lawyers globally with a wide range of experience, we employ generalists as well as subject matter experts available for many practice areas, including data privacy, labor and employment, derivatives, trademarks, and real estate. Learn more about our lawyers’ expertise.

Are Axiom lawyers dedicated to one company or multiple?
In most cases, our lawyers work with one company at a time. However, some lawyers may choose to take on multiple part-time engagements.

Can I engage an Axiom lawyer to manage outside counsel?
Yes, most of our lawyers have extensive in-house and private practice experience managing outside counsel. A significant portion of our lawyers have been in your position, handling projects or internal matters while effectively liaising and managing outside counsel.

I need the lawyer to use a specific technology, such as billing systems, CMS, or security software – can Axiom support that?
Yes, our lawyers can use client tools and technology, although Axiom doesn’t train lawyers in specific software or deploy software independently.

How much do Axiom lawyers get compensated?
An Axiom lawyer’s compensation package is comparable to that of an in-house position, and years of experience, geographic location, and other qualifications are considered. Lawyer compensation consists of three items: 1) base salary; 2) benefits (medical, dental, disability); and 3) paid vacation.

How does Axiom check lawyers’ references?
Our reference check process involves obtaining references from at least 3 of the lawyer’s former supervisors. These are robust and meaningful checks as opposed to simply verifying employment dates.

Who Are Axiom's Clients?

Who are Axiom's clients?
Our current clients include over 50% of the Fortune 100, as well as major players in all industries, including 4 of the top 5 banks, 4 of the top 5 technology companies, and 5 of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about the industries, practice areas, and clients we serve.

Does Axiom work with law firms?
Yes, our clients include law firms. For many of our commercial clients, our lawyers often work alongside law firms.

What’s Axiom's client satisfaction rate?
99% of our clients say they would recommend Axiom.

Does Axiom have case studies?
Yes, our list of case studies is constantly growing. Check out our Resource Hub to learn more.

How Much Does Axiom Cost?

What is Axiom's pricing model?
Axiom billing arrangements are designed to provide both value and spend predictability for our clients. Axiom’s pricing is based on a fixed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which delivers cost certainty to our clients. The price is driven by the lawyer’s rates and depends on the number of days or hours per week the lawyer is working. For questions about custom billing structures, please contact us.

How often does Axiom invoice?
Axiom engagements are typically billed on a weekly or monthly basis.

How does Axiom set its rates?
Our secondment pricing is based on two factors: 1) lawyer experience level, skill set, geographic region, and practice area; and 2) engagement structure: reserved flat fee (full-time, part-time) or variable hourly. Contact us for more precise rates and fees.

How much can I save on outside counsel costs working with Axiom?
Axiom typically saves our clients 50 to 75% over traditional law firms.

15 years

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of clients say they would recommend Axiom

Over 50%

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