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Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP)

Axiom goes beyond other alternative legal service providers to match high-caliber, flexible business lawyers to the specific needs of your in-house legal department, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth.

*Are you a business without a legal team? We can provide legal support for your business needs.
Discover Axiom Advice & Counsel, our full-service, better-choice, Arizona-located law firm.

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Let's discuss your legal department challenges and work together to find the right talent solutions.

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20+ years of proven experience

of F100 companies are clients
Client Satisfaction
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Lawyers with F500 experience
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Average years of PQE
Identify as women (1.5x industry average)
Identify as racial/ethnic minorities (2.4x industry average)
Identify as black (3x industry average)

Access our bench of 14,000+ legal professionals

"We're starting with, 'Tell me why Axiom couldn't do this.' Only if Axiom isn't the right choice, then we'll go somewhere else."
James Turoff, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary The Hershey Company

“By partnering with Axiom, we get the quality, flexibility, and expertise we would normally find at a top law firm, but delivered in a way that’s much more integrated with our business. It’s enabled us to grow faster and reduce risk.”

Divisional General Counsel F500 Professional Services Firm

"Axiom lawyers have the same acumen and capability as large law firm lawyers or members of my in-house team, and they sit with us to understand how the business operates."

Executive Vice President and General Counsel Senior Assisted Service Provider

“I never would have thought external providers could work so efficiently and seamlessly with us and become part of the legal team.”

Strategic Counsel Healthcare Technology Company

“We were able to accomplish more as a department, save over $400,000 on our legal spend, and maintain flexibility as our needs changed.”

General Counsel Global Investment Bank

Axiom FAQ

Alternative Legal Service Providers FAQ

Axiom enables you to stay agile in a changing business environment

Axiom is the world's leading alternative legal services provider (ALSP). We offer high-caliber, on-demand talent, with a network of 14,000+ legal professionals with deep experience across many industries and practice areas.

Whether it's a single secondee or large-scale team solution, our support is designed to meet your needs. We can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions.

Drive business success with tailor-made legal teams and solutions that match your culture, risk profile, and preferences.

Learn More About ALSPs

What is an alternative legal service provider? 

An alternative legal service provider, or ALSP, is a company that provides legal services outside of the traditional law firm model. ALSPs emerged in response to the legal industry’s increasing demands for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ALSPs leverage technology, remote work, process optimization, and innovative business models to deliver efficient legal solutions to businesses.

Alternative legal service providers offer lawyers who have experience in specific practice areas like commercial contracts, M&A, and intellectual property. They can provide support for specific legal tasks such as document review, contract management, legal research and writing, compliance support, e-discovery, and more.

Alternative Legal Service Provider

What are the benefits of using alternative legal service providers? 

Businesses stand to gain multiple benefits when employing the services of an alternative legal service provider:

  1. Cost Effectiveness: One of the most compelling reasons businesses turn to ALSPs is the potential for cost savings. By specializing in specific tasks and using technology to enhance productivity, ALSPs typically provide services at a more competitive rate than traditional law firms.
  2. Flexibility: ALSPs are known for their adaptability in meeting the unique needs of businesses. Their service delivery models are designed to be scalable and customizable, ensuring that the legal solutions provided align closely with the specific requirements of the business, even as those requirements change.
  3. Risk Management: By providing resources to handle routine or highly specific tasks, ALSPs allow businesses to manage and mitigate risks more effectively. Their focus on resources for specific practice areas ensures that processes are refined and mistakes are minimized.
  4. Global Reach: Some alternative legal service providers, like Axiom, have an international presence that allows for global reach and the ability of legal talent to handle tasks with multi-national jurisdictions. This is especially beneficial for businesses with global operations, as they can receive consistent services across different regions.
  5. Wide Range of Experience: Many ALSPs have lawyers with a wide range of deep experience in different practice areas and who have worked with large law firms in the past. Axiom has 14,000+ lawyers with experience in 14 practice areas.

How are ALSPs different from law firms?

Service Focus 

ALSPs typically focus on specific, routine, or high-volume legal tasks like contract management, document review, due diligence, compliance, litigation support, and legal research. ALSPs provide lawyers and legal staff to in-house corporate counsels on an as-needed basis. 

Law firms offer a broad range of services, primarily focusing on providing legal advice and representation, typically at a higher cost. 

Billing Model and Pricing 

Alternative legal service providers employ innovative and flexible business models with alternative pricing strategies. At Axiom, you can save significantly on legal costs by only hiring the legal staff you need, when you need it. 


A significant difference between ALSPs and law firms is the utilization of technology. ALSPs heavily leverage technology and remote work to improve efficiency and reduce costs, without sacrificing legal outcomes. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

ALSPs are highly scalable and flexible. They have the ability to provide talent that can adjust quickly to handle large volumes of work in various practice areas and industries. Law firms are less flexible and often lack the ability to scale for high-volume work. 

With a bench of 14,000+ attorneys, Axiom provides unparalleled flexibility and can scale to meet the changing needs of your business. Axiom specializes in high-caliber on-demand legal talent that can help build and oversee a cost-optimized, flexible bench of lawyers designed for the specific needs of any business.