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Pharmaceuticals Industry Lawyers

Increase your team’s bandwidth and speed to market with the strategic and tactical guidance of Axiom’s highly experienced pharmaceutical lawyers who possess substantial in-house experience. 


Includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device makers, and drug manufacturing.

Axiom is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Our clients’ legal teams supervise the legal work of the Axiom lawyer.

"Success looks like a balance of talented and agile team. It's critical that we're able to be flexible and agile in the way that we approach our resourcing model. And we also have access to a diverse portfolio of specialized and quality legal talent through Axiom, as well as a reliable partnership and mutual commitment to helping us achieve our goals." 

Maria Alantas, Head of Specialty Business Unit and R&D Legal Operations Takeda
Case Study

Partnership with Takeda

How Takeda built the right team to respond to a rapidly changing environment

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