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Axiom Case Study

Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company finds perfect remedy for chronic contract pains

Life is Good

Picture this… you’re one of America’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical firms, developing, perfecting, and mass-producing medicines that address some of the world’s most significant health challenges. Over 140 years, you’ve contributed nearly 100 lifesaving medicines, and you never stop looking for more ways to make people’s lives better. 

Big Challenge

But, your legal team is increasingly burdened with high-volume, low-risk projects that take them away from more critical work. Implementing an IT platform that will house, standardize, and automate domestic contracts will be a big help – yet getting it up and running requires dedicated man-hours and tech expertise your in-house attorneys simply don’t have. 

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We assess your situation and prescribe a team of three: a senior attorney with a technical background and experience implementing IT platforms, to serve as project lead and act as the liaison between you and the technology provider; a second attorney to review, update, and upload all contracts to the new platform; and a third attorney to review and revise playbooks. 


Life is Even Better

Now, your domestic contract management platform is tested, optimized, and successfully launched (on time!). You feel so good about the outcome, you immediately re-engage Axiom to launch an IT platform for your foreign contracts, as well – leaving your in-house attorneys free to focus on high-value projects that support your strategic initiatives and drive profitability.  

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