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Intellectual Property Attorney Builds Her Career Through Axiom

January 2022
By Axiom Law

As a young intellectual property attorney, Lauren Oelze enjoys the breadth of Axiom engagements as she builds her career. She’s been able to try out various practice settings, which led to her new “home” at one of the world’s largest video game producers.

All through law school, Lauren learned you only have two choices of where you find a job after graduating: a law firm or an in-house position. Fortunately, another attorney she viewed as a mentor informed her of a third alternative: Axiom. She decided it was the perfect time, as she launched her career, to try out different practice settings.

Lauren Oelze

Her first clients included one of the most recognized manufacturers of home appliances with marketing and warranty, before she moved on to gain experience with a global oil and gas corporation in the energy sector. “I have tried a lot of different areas, which has been very beneficial for my growth, but at a firm I could never have tried to do as much as I can do now.”

Since early 2020, Lauren has been with one of the world’s most revered entertainment companies, working with studios and video games. She never imagined she’d have so much fun in the legal system, as she now works primarily with video games. “I even recently got credit on a Game of the Year by Esquire. My work consists of the producer sending us content, and then I clear it for IP issues. It’s so interesting and I really enjoy it.”

A valuable member of her team, but without taking work home with her

In Lauren’s current engagement, she’s the main point of contact for several video games, and even though all her team members are located in different parts of the U.S., “I feel like I’m fully part of the team. We have regular virtual weekly check-ins, and when Covid restrictions begin to lift, I hope to be able to travel to California for team events. I’ve now been with this client for two years and feel like it’s my home.”

Lauren was part of the company when they were launching a new video game system, which was overwhelming for all the in-house employees. “But with me being an outsider with capped hours, I didn’t have the all-nighters and hectic schedules. Others I work with would tell me about the stress, which I could help alleviate, but didn’t have to be involved to the full extent. Additionally, I don’t have to ever deal with any drama or the downsides of working in an office.”

Practicing law in a virtual world

Lauren has been working remotely almost the entire time she’s been at Axiom. When she first began her career in a law firm, she was working in an office. She thinks companies need to adapt and expand their virtual team to find more talent. “Through Covid, more people are realizing they don’t have to be physically there and get the same effect. I think legal in-house departments are starting to improve, but need to keep up. More senior attorneys are used to doing things one way and are going to have to catch up and adapt to the new world of legal. Overall, the legal industry needs to embrace technology more.”

Lauren’s advice to attorneys hesitant to take the first step

When she first started at Axiom, she was approached with numerous opportunities, some of which she would never have considered before. It gave her the potential to learn a new practice area, and she decided, “Why not?” “If you broaden your horizons a bit and are open to new things, you can try something you’d never get the chance to do through a law firm. I’m so happy I took the chance with Axiom and learned new things to improve my career.”


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Posted by Axiom Law