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The Real Costs of Full-Time vs. Flexible Lawyers

May 2021
By Axiom Law

Today’s GCs struggle with increased demands and smaller budgets. Facing an avalanche of legal matters, they need an ever-increasing range of in-house expertise to meet a highly variable workload, yet budget pressure renders hiring a wide and deep bench impractical. The COVID economy has only amplified these issues, escalating enterprise risk at a time when companies have grown increasingly cost-sensitive.

Innovative GCs are responding to this new normal by transforming the way legal resources are aligned to legal matters. They recognize that engaging flexible talent is the cost-efficient approach to building a high-performing legal team. Building that legal team requires a nuanced understanding of the cost structure of both full-time and flexible lawyers. However, many GCs lack visibility into the black box of hiring costs.

In our new whitepaper, The Real Costs of Full-Time vs. Flexible Lawyers, we introduce a proprietary calculator to identify hidden in-house hiring expenses and compare the cost of fixed talent to equivalent flexible resources. The paper also examines how engaging on-demand attorneys not only optimizes spend, but minimizes risk, and maximizes the value of the in-house team.

To view the calculator and learn three simple steps to incorporate on-demand talent into your team, download our whitepaper.

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Posted by Axiom Law