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Three Reasons Axiom is the Smart Career Choice in a Recessionary Economy

Posted by Axiom Law on July 29, 2022

Read how Axiom can provide lawyers with a challenging, stable, rewarding, and competitively-compensated legal career.

Must Read

To Retain Talent, GCs Should Prioritize Mission Statements

Posted by Catherine Kemnitz on January 25, 2022

Axiom's chief legal officer, Catherine Kemnitz, explains how GCs should prioritize mission statements to retain top talent in a recent Law360 byline article.


Legal Meets Its Moment(s)

Posted by Catherine Kemnitz on February 3, 2021

Catherine Kemnitz, Chief Legal Officer at Axiom, discusses how legal leaders must move the legal ecosystem forward to meet twin moments of our time: the pandemic and the reckoning for racial justice.