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Forget stuffy suits, dusty law libraries and marble-lined hallways. This is legal services for the modern era.

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The final frontier

Help shake up one of the only remaining industries to have gone largely unchanged for the last 100 years. Be part of the team defining a new approach to law.
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Best of both worlds

Get the experience of working at both a professional services firm and a progressive technology company at the same time.
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Ahead of the curve

We operate in a world of uncharted waters where problems (and solutions) are fundamentally new. Learning is constant and growth is a given.
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Orange at heart

We love working together and can’t stand to let each other down. And while we take our work seriously, we always have fun along the way.
  • Erin Reilly
    Sales and Accounts
    San Francisco
    Erin Reilly
    Sales and Accounts
    San Francisco
    “The ‘Axiom effect’ of bringing together great clients, exceptional people and constantly evolving innovation has made for a career experience like no other.”
  • Amir Dhillon
    Amir Dhillon
    “Axiom is constantly growing, creating an environment fueled by innovation. There’s always a more creative way, a more efficient way - a better way of doing things. And at Axiom, we’re always looking for it.”
  • Noraan Sadik
    Sales and Accounts
    New York
    Noraan Sadik
    Sales and Accounts
    New York
    “As a former Big law attorney and entrepreneur, I have found Axiom to be the perfect place to fuse my legal and commercial expertise to ensure clients have a best-in-class experience.”

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