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Axiom Leads the Way in Client Satisfaction and Lawyer Quality

January 2021
By Axiom Law

Axiom exists to serve our customers, and aims to constantly improve our services to exceed customer expectations and make sure they are not only satisfied, but delighted. Gathering feedback from clients helps Axiom better understand our strengths and weaknesses, improve our products and services, and ensure we’re being responsive to client needs.

In late 2020 we surveyed our clients so we could listen, learn, improve, and evolve, and we’re delighted to share what we learned.

Axiom’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is nearly double the industry average for B2B and legal services companies

Axiom earned a 49 NPS, significantly greater than other business-to-business and legal services companies, as the average score is 25-30 industry-wide. NPS Stats 1NPS can range from -100 to +100. In the survey, clients rated Axiom on a score of 1 to 10, and then the ratings were grouped by score:

  • 9-10: Promoters: loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others to fuel growth
  • 7-8: Passives: satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
  • 0-6: Detractors: neutral to unhappy, have the potential to impede growth

NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

Axiom NPS: 49% = Promoters (58%) – Detractors (9%)

NPS Stats 2

Axiom is the clear choice for lawyer quality

We found the longer clients work with us, and the larger their engagements are, the more they like working with us. We also found that our clients prefer working with Axiom and Axiom lawyers over law firms or other alternative legal services providers.NPS Stats 3

  • 97% of our clients rated our lawyers’ caliber and effectiveness as equivalent to or better than other legal services providers with whom they have worked
  • 79% of our clients rate our lawyers’ caliber and effectiveness as equivalent to or better than lawyers from a law firm

Clients compared Axiom lawyers’ performance to lawyers from their law firms and other legal services providers. They rated Axiom lawyers as equivalent to or better to law firms or other legal service providers on their:

  • Industry knowledge and business acumen (88%)
  • Efficiency and effectiveness (83%)
  • Technical legal skill (81%)

NPS Stats 4There’s more to Axiom than most clients realize

In our survey, we found that many of our clients would be interested in working with Axiom lawyers instead of a law firm on matters involving labor and employment, real estate, and data privacy and cybersecurity. However, many of our clients are unaware of our lawyers’ expertise in these and other areas, like litigation and intellectual property work. We realized we need to do a better job of communicating the range of services we provide for our clients, from individual secondments to large, structured teams solutions.

We’re already rolling out options to make working with Axiom, and working with our network of highly credentialed lawyers, easier. You can now access our network to search our lawyers and find the right legal talent to help you achieve your business goals. In addition, we learned our clients are seeking more Axiom corporate support. We’re adding executive-level team owners who are responsible for account oversight, with whom you can meaningfully engage to address your concerns or for strategic guidance, and who are ultimately responsible for driving your successful partnership with Axiom.

All of us at Axiom are grateful for our clients’ feedback. We look forward to continuing to evolve, in service of helping our clients better navigate the crosswinds of exploding legal risk, emerging legal matters, and greater cost sensitivity.

For over 20 years Axiom has been a global leader in high-caliber, on-demand legal talent. With over 2,400 lawyers worldwide, get in touch to start building your strategic, flexible counsel program today.

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Posted by Axiom Law