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Welcome to a New Era of Labor-Related Legal Matters: Three Steps to Cost-Effectively Address L&E Investigations

Posted by Axiom Law on July 18, 2022

A structured team approach to L&E enables companies to engage flexible employment lawyers to handle compliance, investigations, and creation of policies.


International Trade Compliance Lawyer Offers High-Caliber Clients Her Unique Skills

Posted by Axiom Law on July 15, 2022

Read how an international trade compliance lawyer tried various legal practice areas before joining Axiom.


Pursuing Rewarding Legal Careers While Balancing Motherhood Through Axiom: In Axiom Attorneys’ Own Words

Posted by Axiom Law on July 12, 2022

Read how Axiom can help working moms achieve work-life balance, enjoy competitive compensation, and find work with high-caliber clients, all while expanding your legal career.

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3 Reasons Why GCs Should Take Advantage of Dynamic Legal Forecasting

Posted by Axiom Law on June 16, 2022

Dynamic legal forecasting is imperative for GCs. Unlike budgeting, it allows them to continuously deal with issues their department faces in real time.

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Why Talent Retention is the New KPI for Legal Tech

Posted by Axiom Law on June 6, 2022

Legal departments are finding themselves at the crossroads of the growth of legal tech and the battle for legal talent. The question is: how and where do tech implementation and talent retention interact?

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How Will the Great Resignation Affect Legal Departments?

Posted by Axiom Law on June 3, 2022

Reframing the “Great Resignation” as the “Great Reflection” can help legal departments better strategize and bolster recruitment and retention efforts.

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Practical Advice for Privacy Program Management

Posted by Axiom Law on June 2, 2022

New and proliferating privacy regulations present increasingly critical operational challenges for in-house legal departments worldwide.

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What does legal career success look like in 2022?

Posted by Axiom Law on May 31, 2022

The legal profession is rapidly evolving, and the range of career choices available to lawyers continues to expand in the UK.