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Elena Volkova’s Deep Experience Helps Financial Services Clients Keep Pace as Regulations Evolve

Posted by Axiom Law on May 7, 2020

This Axiom securities lawyer uses curiosity as her compass to enable clients to navigate a swiftly-changing business and regulatory climate.


How an International Perspective and Lessons from 2008 Shaped an Axiom Derivatives Lawyer’s Career

Posted by Axiom Law on April 28, 2020

A growth mindset and human touch have helped guide Glenn Gardner’s career in the financial services industry throughout different economic climates.


Supporting the Future of Legal Work at a Major Athletic Brand

Posted by Axiom Law on April 20, 2020

How Axiom lawyer and team lead David McIntyre helps a major sportswear company make real progress toward their business goals.


A Unique Path to Product and Business Counsel at the Heart of Silicon Valley

Posted by Axiom Law on March 24, 2020

How Axiom Lawyer Chad Woodford draws on his background as a software engineer to build a robust career in the tech industry, while pursuing passions for yoga and writing.


Experienced environmental lawyer Jean Warshaw embraces Axiom’s flexibility

Posted by Axiom Law on March 3, 2020

Axiom’s flexible engagement model enables Jean Warshaw to bring her experience in commercial, environmental, and IP law to a wide range of clients.


How this Axiom Lawyer is Reimagining the Legal Function

Posted by Axiom Law on February 18, 2020

Building efficiencies to free up creativity and innovation at a major apparel company.


The Many Sides of Miami-based Axiom Lawyer Alina Denis Jarjour

Posted by Axiom Law on January 15, 2020

Alina Denis Jarjour brings experience in life sciences, compliance, and mindfulness to her work and practices law in both English and Spanish.


Building Global Experience and Balancing Two Passions: Law and Kitesurfing

Posted by Axiom Law on January 7, 2020

Hong Kong-based Julia Mac has grown as a legal professional and athlete with Axiom’s flexible employment model.