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Renowned law firm wins GDPR compliance without losing billable hours

Life is Good

Picture this… you're an AmLaw 30 firm that has been delivering legal support to the world's top corporations, institutions, and individuals for more than 75 years. Your work is recognized, revered, and highly rewarded.

Big Challenge

But, your EU office has been tasked with the laborious work of updating all vendor contracts for full GDPR compliance. Your in-house team doesn't have the capacity for a major project like this in addition to their client work – and billable client work always comes first. You need outside expertise – a partner with a firm grasp on GDPR regulations and related regulatory issues that can promptly and skillfully remediate your affected contracts.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We send a lawyer with the relevant data privacy regulatory experience to conduct all necessary updates while protecting your internal employees' PII. After a quick onboarding, our legal pro dives right in, reviewing and updating all your EU office contracts with the appropriate GDPR language. Any vendor concerns are judiciously addressed, with contracts renegotiated and remediated as required.


Life is Even Better

Your vendor contracts – all 300+ of them – are now fully GDPR-compliant, and you didn't lose a minute of billable time. What's more, you now have a flexible, innovative, and cost-efficient new partner you can count on to provide you with experienced lawyers who work on time and within budget, so you'll never have to settle for less.

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Axiom provides flexible legal talent to help meet businesses' ever-changing needs. Axiom is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.