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What Works: Benchmarking and Strengthening Your Privacy Program | Axiom Law Blog

August 2020
By Axiom Law

As privacy regulations proliferate and increase in complexity they present a growing operational challenge for companies across the globe. Navigating this more complicated privacy framework can be especially difficult for those subject to multiple jurisdictions where overlapping obligations are inconsistent.

Axiom and the International Association of Privacy Professionals recently hosted a webinar focusing on concrete actions that legal departments can take today to benchmark and strengthen their privacy programs in the face of global uncertainty.

IAPP Privacy Post WebinarDuring this webinar, privacy professionals Jo Ann Lengua Davaris, Vice President, Global Privacy, Booking Holdings Inc., and Khizar Sheikh, Axiom privacy and cybersecurity lawyer, shared actionable advice about privacy best-practices and pitfalls to avoid. Watch the full webinar below or download our summary of the conversation to learn what you can do now to build and maintain an effective privacy program. They also outline how companies can respond to evolving regulations, such as the impact of the Shcrems II decision and the invalidation of Privacy Shield.

HubSpot Video

For an overview of the insight Jo Ann and Khizar shared during the webinar, including steps legal leaders can take to strengthen their privacy programs right now, download our summary of the conversation now.

Whether your company needs help building a privacy program, supporting ongoing privacy operations, or navigating changing regulations, Axiom’s bench of 200+ privacy lawyers can provide your team with the experience and expertise that you need. Get in touch with us today

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