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It’s Time to Rethink Legal Talent

July 2019
By Axiom Law

For legal leaders, the pressure is on like never before. Today’s general counsel is under unrelenting pressure to perform under increasingly fast-paced, complicated and unpredictable conditions.

GCs are pulled in so many different directions. More than ever, GCs must serve as a strategic partner to the business, possibly supporting a new product development or expansion into a new market. They are constantly in rapid-response mode, reacting to a bevy of requests that often seem to come with expectations of superhuman-level turnaround times. GCs sometimes need to play a crisis management role, which can throw predictability and productivity off balance. At the same time, GCs must act as a chief talent officer, keeping a pulse on high-performing individuals and thinking of ways to prevent burn-out.

It’s no wonder GCs and their teams are frustrated with the status quo for hiring legal talent and the existing duopoly between outsourcing work to law firms or hiring additional in-house team members. So, let’s change that. It’s time to empower the modern legal department, and we can start right now by exploring ways to rethink legal talent.

See how in our new position paper Rethinking Legal Talent: How to empower the legal department, where you can get an inside look at what Axiom calls “the third path” to addressing who does the legal work.

Download this paper today to learn how the next resourcing decision you make can be a step toward building a more agile and cost-effective legal department.

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Posted by Axiom Law