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How a Passion for Intellectual Property Law Drives Axiom Attorney Sneha Pathak

June 2019
By Axiom Law

A strong professional interest in contracts and Intellectual Property law brought attorney Sneha Pathak to Axiom over two years ago. Her experience, combined with a desire to practice law in-house have made Axiom a rewarding place for her to continue to build her legal career.

After working at a litigation firm for two years, Sneha was attracted to Axiom because of the opportunity to work in-house. “Compared to law firms, working in-house has a much better work-life balance. I like that I get to work for one company and they’re kind of like my client.”

Axiom lawyers have the opportunity to choose which engagements they work on. This means Sneha has been able to gain deep experience with different types of legal work at different companies. “One of the things I like about Axiom is that I can work somewhere for about six months, get to know all those people, and get to know that project,” says Sneha. “I can concentrate on working with one client and get to know them inside and out, which is interesting. Then, I can go to another client and get to know that business and get to know those people. I like that I am able to focus on only one client and one project at a time but am still able to switch things up.”

At Sneha’s current client engagement, she works with three other Axiom attorneys. Her day-to-day involves a variety of responsibilities, including contract management, drafting company policies, and reviewing non-disclosure agreements. The work environment is also more collaborative than a competitive law firm, which Sneha finds suits her working style.

Axiom’s lawyers are dedicated to learning more about law and are drawn to the company because they can follow their interests in legal practice. Drawing from an early interest in science, Sneha has a passion for Intellectual Property law. “It’s just something that always interested me,” says Sneha. “I was a Bio major, and I went into Intellectual Property law with that science background. It’s very interesting to me, all the cases that come out of it.” Sneha’s alma mater, Santa Clara University School of Law, has one of the top-ranked Intellectual Property law programs and Sneha noted that IP was among her favorite subjects there.

As someone who came to Axiom with the interest of working in-house, Sneha’s engagements have led to exciting experiences that she will have a big impact on her career. At her last engagement, Sneha worked on several contracts with the general counsel. “I felt like that was a big step in my legal career in terms of expertise and knowledge.”

Axiom offers myriad opportunities for talented lawyers like Sneha. It offers them a chance to fulfill their career goals in a community they love. Watch the video to meet Sneha and learn more about why she chose Axiom to build her career.



Posted by Axiom Law