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The Definitive Playbook for Building Legal Departments at Growth Companies | Axiom Law Blog

August 2021
By Axiom Law

Even in a volatile economic environment, there are many small- to mid-market companies experiencing growth. The legal department is a critical function for supporting scaling efforts. The demands placed on these legal leaders are enormous, while their corresponding budgets are not.

The question is this: As we enter budgeting season, how can growth company GCs build the legal teams they need, but can’t afford to hire through traditional channels?

The answer is flexible resourcing. GCs can establish agile legal departments with lean full-time teams to provide managerial scale and handle core competency work. This leaner team can then be supported by a bench of trusted, on-demand lawyers for as-needed expertise, workload surges, and ongoing matters.

Our new whitepaper is a playbook for implementing smart budgeting practices to architect the high-performing, agile legal department that growth companies now require.

To access the playbook, and learn how to address pain points, minimize costs, and empower GCs, download our whitepaper.

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Posted by Axiom Law