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Agile Talent Partnership with Salesforce

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Salesforce and Axiom Blaze New Trail with Law Partnership


Agility. Automation. An unprecedented integration of talent, technology, and analytics in the cloud. All these qualities have made Salesforce the world’s #1 CRM platform for more than 150,000 forward-thinking companies and more than 2.3 million “Trailblazers”— the people, partners, and developers who rely on Salesforce to empower and grow their companies.

With more than 150,000 customers, Salesforce relies on a responsive and fast-moving business model for its legal team. This makes it crucial to fill resourcing gaps in short-term absences and event-driven projects.

Salesforce’s Commercial Group first engaged Axiom to supplement their legal capacity, seconding up to six lawyers for specific engagements. Axiom analyzed Salesforce’s work cycle, team environment, and business model to develop an internal profile, allowing Axiom to find the right legal talent quickly to support the in-house team.

Over the course of a year, Axiom has provided a dozen lawyers to Salesforce to support legal teams working on inbound contracts, compliance, patents, general commercial and product work, and mergers and acquisitions.

“Salesforce's legal team values the same qualities as the rest of our company: trust, customer success, innovation and equality. Considering how important it is for our lawyers to embrace rapid change without neglecting the big picture, we’re looking for a very specific blend of attributes that is hard to find. When there’s an imbalance between workload and team bandwidth, we need to be able to scale fast.”
Bryan McAdams
Sr. Director, Law & Corporate Affairs Strategy, Salesforce

The Ask

To control on-boarding and salary costs, Salesforce required flexible legal talent that could integrate easily into a tight-knit team. The epitome of this business environment was Salesforce's Dreamforce conference.

As the largest software conference in the world, Dreamforce is an annual opportunity for Salesforce to connect with hundreds of current and future customers and partners across the world. For Salesforce's legal team, Dreamforce demands rapid and responsive legal advice as partnerships are begun and expanded during this four-day period.

“There are no second thoughts from Salesforce when we bring in someone from Axiom. They really understand our people and culture.”
Amy Weaver
President, Legal and Corporate Affairs and General Counsel, Salesforce

The Execution

Axiom’s Talent Platform specializes in curating optimal matches between Axiom lawyers and clients. For a nimble cloud computing company like Salesforce, this meant quickly integrating into their team of lawyers who were tech-savvy, had high emotional intelligence, and would fit into their in-house team seamlessly. This approach provides Salesforce with the flexibility required and saves the organization the cost of hiring a new full-time counsel or engaging an outside law firm.

Because Axiom had proven experience working with clients on these kinds of events and supporting the bulge in marketing and commercial legal work that accompanies them, Salesforce chose Axiom to help with Dreamforce's tight timeline and intense schedule.

After a successful engagement at the 2015 Dreamforce conference, Salesforce began to engage Axiom lawyers to help with their Commercial Group and other practice areas. To support their global customer base, Salesforce depends on a fast-moving legal team to manage customer contracts, compliance, procurement, and all sorts of other business team requests.

Powered by a unique culture of speed, intelligence and camaraderie, this legal team prizes lawyers who love the fast pace and unique challenges of a leading cloud technology company. And as Salesforce’s customer and technology base continues to grow in size and complexity, finding the right fit for new legal talent is no easy task.

Client Results

As Salesforce fulfills its mission to blaze new trails in technology and innovation, Axiom has become a trusted legal talent partner.

Through close analysis of the work cycle and team environment at Salesforce, Axiom develops an internal profile for their ideal legal talent. This profile helps Axiom to continuously deliver the right lawyer match at the right time. The result is a seamless partnership between Axiom and Salesforce.

“While having someone who knew relevant industry regulations was a plus, what my team really needed was a smart and eager lawyer with the empathy and energy to fit the personalities of my team...Axiom was spot on regarding the fit, in every way.”
April Oliver
VP and Associate General Counsel, Global Ethics and Integrity, Salesforce
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