2021 General Counsel Survey Report on Department Values

Why GCs must prioritize mission statements to mitigate the impact of the Great Resignation


Axiom’s survey of 220 general counsels finds those with department mission statements adhere better to the department and corporate values when faced with risk mitigation priorities.

This survey examines how COVID-impacted legal leaders are trying to reconcile changing business objectives and demands with adhering to departmental and corporate values. Seventy-nine percent of GCs believe they must function as the conscience of the company. The same number, however, believe COVID-related issues forced them to prioritize company risk mitigation over departmental core values.

Axiom’s survey suggests the creation and utilization of a legal department mission statement may help. The prioritization of cost reduction over core department values was significantly lower among those legal departments with a mission statement (58%) than those without (75%).

Download the survey report to view the full findings, including the five-step legal department mission statement checklist.

GC Survey Report

This Report Includes:

1. Values-Based General Counsels (VBGCs) and their role as the conscience of the company

2. How legal department values affect partner and firm selection

3. The prevalence and importance of a legal department mission statement

Download the 2021 Axiom General Counsel Survey Report

4. Legal department mission statement focus areas and priorities

5. How VBGCs manage up and down within the organization, and affect change with outside counsel

6. A spotlight on in-house counsel mental health during the pandemic

7. A five-step checklist to help GCs proactively build a meaningful and enduring legal department mission statement

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