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AI & Data Privacy: Emerging Trends for In-House Counsel

November 29, 2023 | 01 PM EST

60 min

About the Webinar

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way in-house counsel operates – mostly for the better. In fact, 68% of in-house counsel are excited about AI reducing administrative burdens and improving legal work. While AI offers incredible possibilities for legal teams, it also poses risk for businesses as a whole. This webinar will delve into the crucial implications of AI on data privacy and arm you with the tools to leverage AI effectively while mitigating risk. 

Webinar Highlights

Understanding AI's Impact on Legal Teams 

  • Get an update on how AI is revolutionizing the practice of law and its impact on in-house legal teams. 
  • Learn about the latest AI technologies and applications that are transforming the legal field. 

Equipping Legal Leaders with AI Vocabulary 

  • Develop the language and understanding needed to collaborate effectively with business teams in AI-driven projects. 
  • Enhance your ability to bridge the gap between legal and technology departments.

Strategies for Drafting Effective AI Policies 

  • Gain insights into the strategies that successful legal teams have employed to draft comprehensive AI policies. 
  • Explore best practices and legal frameworks to ensure data privacy and compliance. 

Emerging Trends and Risks of AI to Business 

  • Delve into the current and emerging trends in AI and data privacy and understand the associated risks. 
  • Discover how AI can be leveraged to enhance business operations and growth. 

Navigating AI Challenges Effectively 

  • Review practical approaches for legal teams to navigate the complex terrain of AI risks, challenges, and compliance. 
  • Understand how to protect sensitive data and mitigate legal and reputational risks. 

This webinar is a must-attend for legal professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of AI in their practice. Join us as we uncover the future of law, decode the language of AI, and equip you to address data privacy and legal challenges with confidence. 

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Zach Abramowitz

Zach Abramowitz

Founder & Legal Startup Investor, Killer Whale Strategies

jo ann

Jo Ann Davaris

Chief Privacy Officer, Global Privacy, Booking Holdings

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