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Legally Disrupted: An Interview with Microsoft's Jason Barnwell (Part 2)

March 2021
By Axiom Law

Over the course of 2021, Axiom will feature conversations with leaders who are moving the legal industry forward and disrupting entrenched ways of thinking and working. This series, “Legally Disrupted,” kicks off with Zach Abramowitz, lawyer turned legaltech entrepreneur and angel investor, interviewing Jason Barnwell, the Assistant General Counsel for Modern Corporate External and Legal Affairs (CELA) at Microsoft and a board member of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).

Zach recently caught up with Jason. Their conversation, which has been lightly edited for readability, has been broken up into two separate posts. In the first installment, they discussed Jason’s work at Microsoft, law firms versus ALSPs, and the importance of change agents being public-facing. The second installment, which follows, addresses the future of legal technology and the role of venture capital versus academia in terms of nurturing industry modernity and innovation.

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Posted by Axiom Law