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Listen Now: The Shift Towards Legal Services

February 2020
By Axiom Law

As part of Legalweek 2020, Karl Kong, Axiom SVP of Product, discussed how the legal industry is shifting to embrace legal service providers on a panel entitled, “The Big Four, ALSPs and the Law Firm Restructured.”Karl headshot -compressedAfter the panel, he joined On the Road podcast host Ralph Baxter to share insights from the panel. Listen to the 30-minutes podcast to hear Karl and other panelists discuss:

  • The innovative, on-demand solutions that law companies create for a wide variety of clients
  • How legal service providers help companies improve their efficiency and transparency, and produce impactful business outcomes
  • The way that collaboration between law firms, the Big Four, tech companies, and legal service providers produces better solutions to client problems

“We’re helping clients navigate three challenges: how to get good performance in the face of growing and highly dynamic workflow, respond to requirements to demonstrate value, and build a team for the future,” says Karl.

To learn more about how Axiom can help you restructure and reimagine your legal team, get in touch.

Posted by Axiom Law