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Privacy regulations are transforming business operations

Data privacy regulations are proliferating across the globe. These new regulations impact companies across jurisdictional borders and put tremendous pressure on resource-constrained legal teams.

Building a defensible data privacy framework requires a thoughtful, agile approach that will enable businesses to adapt quickly and stay in compliance with each new regulatory requirement.

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Axiom's lawyers work alongside your legal teams to provide you with an actionable privacy plan and get your company ready for privacy regulation compliance.


clients supported with Axiom privacy expertise in 2018 and 2019


privacy engagements completed in 2018 and 2019, including large-scale GDPR compliance

The regulatory landscape is growing more complex

Over 120 countries have or are implementing new data privacy regulations, all requiring robust support and compliance.

General Data Protection Regulation

In force with regulators issuing fines for non-compliance

Nevada Online Privacy Notice Act

Directive further regulating the sales and consumers ability to opt out

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Further privacy and data breach measures impacting >500,000 businesses

Maine Privacy Act

Directive banning internet providers from selling consumer data without consent


Swiss Data Protection Act

Comparable to GDPR specifically covering data relating to Swiss residents

EU ePrivacy Regulation

EU Directive further regulating data processing activities

Brazil Privacy Act

Directive further regulating data processing activities

Upcoming US Regulations

13+ US states have regulations in the works, and Federal legislation is under consideration

The problem

These regulations put tremendous pressure on resource-constrained in-house legal departments. Axiom can help companies transform how they handle and operationalize privacy.

Our solution

Axiom provides a flexible team of lawyers with data-privacy expertise to comply with specific regulations or ongoing data privacy management and compliance.


Immediate capacity and privacy expertise


Large-scale support coupled with workflow management and reporting

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Axiom can help address a specific regulation or deliver ongoing data privacy compliance support

Regulatory Response

  • GDPR
  • California (CCPA)
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • EU ePrivacy
  • ...and more

Data Privacy Management

  • Privacy inbox
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Subject access requests
  • 3rd party privacy agreements
  • Policy / procedure improvement
  • Privacy notices
  • Client communications
  • Incidents & breach response
  • Marketing material reviews
  • Legitimate interest assessments
  • Training legal team and business units

Axiom lawyers add immediate value to data privacy preparation


Axiom privacy lawyers across North America, Europe & Asia


Practiced at a top-tier law firm and/ or a F250 company

15+ years

Average experience


Audit privacy policy and website to identify gaps

Review existing contracts for data sharing clauses

Review privacy-related consumer communications

Assess system readiness to report on 12-months of historical data sharing activities

Refresh data mapping


Update privacy policies and procedures relating to the onward sale or sharing of consumer data

Review and update contracts with clients and 3rd parties to ensure appropriate data handling procedures and notices

Define policies for data erasure, objection to sale, and non-discrimination


Develop organization and resourcing plan for ongoing compliance

Execute key tasks for compliance (e.g. Impact Assessments)

Train legal team and business units

Integrate data sharing activity with broader compliance policies

Privacy Lawyer Profile

Dina Maxwell

Dina reminds companies that while privacy regulations can be daunting, working compliance into their business practices is crucial, “Privacy compliance is always evolving – but the key is to get started and tackle the most pressing issues first.”

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Privacy Lawyer Profile

Angelo Basu

“Operationalizing privacy is important and something businesses need to look at not only as it applies to privacy regulation, but also to general compliance. Companies need to understand where compliance fits into their organization and how it informs their business operations.”

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