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Axiom Case Study

Axiom Secondment Program: FTSE 100 Technology Company

Axiom provided cost-effective, scalable legal talent to support rapid business growth, and generated $900,000 in savings

Client needed a flexible legal solution with specific expertise to handle an increased demand in corporate, commercial, and data privacy matters, especially before, during, and after an acquisition. Axiom was able to provide a flexible, dependable bench that saved almost $900k on outside legal spend.


Due to both organic and inorganic business growth through a series of acquisitions, legal teams at an FTSE 100 technology company needed to support expanding and diversifying product lines across Europe, including the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, and Italy.

The General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel recognized the need for substantial extra support, especially in the commercial and privacy areas, but due to ever-changing regulatory requirements, they relied heavily on outside law firms instead of hiring permanent headcount. While the law firms offered the company flexibility, their cost was becoming prohibitive.

The Solution

Axiom worked with the General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel to understand what work was being outsourced to their law firms.

Within a year, Axiom integrated a fluctuating team, which reached a staff of up to five lawyers at its peak, into the in-house legal team to handle a number of corporate and commercial matters on an ongoing basis. This allowed the client the flexibility of having experienced Axiom lawyers who were familiar with the team and company's processes rotating in and out to handle tasks such as technology sales agreements, marketing, human resource, and real estate matters, on an as-needed basis. Monthly and quarterly planning and review sessions were established to ensure the team was working together effectively, and to modify Axiom lawyer support as needed, in order to meet the company's demand forecast.

Axiom's flexible model enabled the client to engage additional lawyers as demand increased before and during an acquisition. Axiom lawyers provided extra support to handle increased workflow in specific areas such as data privacy, specifically handling Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) as needed.

The Result

Axiom's flexible legal talent enabled the General Counsel to utilize the in-house team more strategically, moving matters away from more expensive law firms and to Axiom, and generating a savings of nearly $900,000.

Axiom's experience of seamlessly matching talent meant lawyers were identified, interviewed, and in place within 48 hours. Axiom lawyers' support gave the business the flexibility and expertise they typically found at a top law firm, but with full integration into the in-house team. A regular review cycle enabled the client to easily adjust their level of support, and add expertise when and where they needed. Once lawyers' initial engagements had ended, they were on hand to return later in the year when their expertise was once again required – enabling Axiom lawyers to integrate seamlessly back into the team and add value immediately.

Value and Benefit from Working with Axiom

  • Savings of nearly $900K in outside legal spend
  • Access to a flexible team of five dependable, experienced lawyers
  • Flexibility to match talent as needed in monthly reviews
  • Seamless integration into in-house team and short ramp-up time

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Axiom provides flexible legal talent to help meet businesses' ever-changing needs. Axiom is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.