When Do You Really Need the Expense of a Law Firm? 

The answer is not during uncertain times, especially as another variant emerges.


Axiom's latest report discusses how the agile approach to legal resourcing can help organizations remain flexible when determining when and where legal budgeting should be spent. 

This report explores why the traditional process of in-house counsel utilizing only an outside law firm for additional support is no longer effective for ensuring legal departments remain in lockstep with accelerated enterprise risk, especially during an ongoing pandemic. It introduces a new model for legal resourcing: the Core-Bench-Firm (CBF) approach, addressing both its benefits and how general counsel can begin to integrate this approach into their legal department by transforming their resourcing model, or by beginning discrete CBF pilot projects to understand its use case and value.

Included in this report:

  • Macro Trends Impacting the Legal Department Today
  • The Deficiencies of the Traditional Model for Legal Resourcing
  • The Ideal Model: Core-Bench-Firm (CBF) 
  • Building a CBF Model: A Five-Step Playbook for GC's 
  • Piloting, Trialing, and Improving


The report also includes case studies of CBF in action, with one example illustrating a complete legal department resourcing transformation and another example describing a more discrete M&A initiative. 

Download the white paper today to learn about the importance of agile legal resourcing in more detail and how you can implement it within your own organization. 

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