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Partnering with LegalOps: Tips from Tyson Food’s Tariq Abdullah

Start Date and Time: 2021-11-03 13:00:00

End Date and Time: 2021-11-03 14:00:00

Location: Online


Businesses are evolving faster than ever, but all too often the legal department gets left behind. Explore best practices for partnering with startups and legal operations with Tariq Abdullah (Managing Director – Global Governance and Corporate Affairs Operations, Tyson Foods), who has spent his career at the forefront of legal operations.

Tariq has held counsel positions at many private, widely-known global brands, such as T-Mobile, Walmart, and Tyson Foods, and has taught at The University of Arkansas School of Law and Northwestern Law School. He has also served as an advisory board member to both Wolters Kluwer and LegalMation, and has been part of the rollout of many cutting-edge legal AI use cases.

Join Tariq and Zach Abramowitz (CEO, Killer Whale Strategies) to discover:

  • The importance of multi-disciplinary thinking for legal departments
  • The increased appetite for technology inside legal departments
  • How legal departments are planning for the great return
  • How legal departments at big companies can work more effectively with startups

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