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Axiom Lawyers Drive $1.5 Million Dollars in Savings for a Fortune Global 500 Professional Services Company

A multinational Global 500 professional services company deployed a structured, dedicated team of five core and 25 as-needed Axiom lawyers to assist their global investigations team in efficiently addressing a significant spike in labor and employment workstreams and driving over $1 million in savings.

The Challenge

In the spring of 2020, a Fortune Global 500 professional services company was facing a large uptick in employee investigations. This spike in work coincided with the end of the company's fiscal year, which traditionally brought a rise in employment actions. Additionally, the company was going through a process to reduce their workforce by 5 to 10 percent, adding significant volume to labor and employment workstreams.

The Axiom Solution

Axiom provided a global solution that allowed the company to access a flexible, diverse bench of five core lawyers and 25 lawyers available on an as-needed basis. Team members were located in the US, UK, and Singapore, and all possessed the labor and employment expertise and experience necessary to support the client.

The client was able to leverage Axiom's onboarding process, streamlined trainings, and dedicated team lead, to minimize the burden managing a flexible team could place on their internal managers. In addition, Axiom developed custom lawyer onboarding materials that covered the company's specific processes and culture, to reduce lawyer ramp-up time.

Throughout the engagement, the Axiom team lead sent the client regular communications, which included weekly status reports using client system workflow data and a clear governance and reporting structure. In addition, Axiom's team provided business intelligence, metrics, and reporting around the workstreams, allowing the company insights to inform their resourcing strategy.

The Result

The project came in $1.5 million dollars under budget, and overall saved the client over $1 million dollars. Axiom was able to add agility and capacity to the existing Global Investigations Team, helping to manage and reduce risk while increasing employee satisfaction with faster turnaround and completion times.

Axiom constructed the solution, and lawyers worked with the client entirely remotely, allowing the client to access the best talent, regardless of location, for a seamless workflow through the pandemic. The client was so satisfied that Axiom has extended the team seven months beyond the initial three-month timeline. The relationship has developed into an ongoing partnership that provides the client with a core team of Axiom lawyers, and an additional flex team of lawyers that can scale up and down based on volumes to provide additional capacity and elasticity to the in-house team.

Value and Benefit of Working with Axiom
  • $1.5M Under budget, saving over $1M

  • Flexible and diverse team of 25 lawyers experienced in supporting investigations

  • Team average 25 years of experience

  • +50% of the team trained at top law firms

  • 5 team members from top 20 law schools and 10 from top 50 law schools

  • Developed partnership that has provided support to multiple business lines over 55 engagements


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