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Contract Negotiation Lawyers

Enable efficiency and avoid bottlenecks

The value of your business is tied up in your contracts, but it can be difficult to keep up with contract-related obligations.

Work volume spikes, business expansion, product launches, and a changing regulatory environment can change your work composition and necessitate an overhaul of existing contracts.

Leverage an Axiom contract negotiation lawyer, an experienced attorney who concentrates on simplifying the contract negotiation process for clients while ensuring that the agreed upon contract terms are sided in the client’s favor.

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To help you manage the fluctuating contract workload, Axiom offers a flexible, scalable solution for in-house legal teams.


of typical savings versus traditional law firms

15+ years

average contract experience on our lawyer bench

Currently, commercial contracts teams must execute high volumes of contracts while navigating the following challenges:

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Constrained resources

Strains your team during peak volume

Holds back the business from growing or shifting with demand

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Inefficient processes

Lack of a standard approach slows down negotiation process

Mismatch between departmental expertise and work

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Lack of Visibility

Inability to allocate work effectively

Zero transparency into potential risks and bottlenecks

The problem

Your internal legal team does not have the bandwidth for contract drafting and negotiating or does not have the right expertise for the complex contractual terms.

These challenges result in delays in closing deals, booking revenue, lower contract quality, and increased risk to your business.

Our solution

Axiom provides a scalable, experienced secondee or legal team to conduct contract negotiation, escalation, execution, and analysis, while providing analytics and insights into workflow and performance.

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What our contract negotiation process looks like:

Business requests a contract

Axiom assigns contract lawyer

Axiom lawyer drafts contract

Axiom lawyer negotiates contract

Legal approves contract

Contract is executed

The tools we provide along the process:

A flexible and agile team

Dedicated support team

Standard contract workflow

Templates and playbook guidance

Reporting dashboard

The benefits of working with Axiom:


Our lawyers have worked on thousands of commercial business contracts


Adapt quickly, keep focus aligned, and drive cost savings


Make better decisions and manage risk with real-time performance visibility

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