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Global Pharmaceutical Company Saves $100,000 with Flexible Cure for Surging Legal Workload

Life is Good

Picture this… you're one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, discovering and developing innovative treatments for devastating diseases. For more than 40 years, you've been pioneering scientific research and delivering medical breakthroughs that change lives.

Big Challenge

But, your legal team is dealing with a sudden surge in marketing and promotional compliance review that's taking up the valuable time of your senior attorneys. On top of that, you need expert assistance setting and implementing data privacy and design principles - and you're already spending more than you'd like on outside counsel.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We start with a single attorney to fill your in-house gaps (and reduce outside spend), plus additional support to get you through those workload spikes. Then, we bring in a team of privacy specialists who act as your contact on all personal data matters, advise on specific design principles and standards, and see everything through to a successful implementation company-wide.

Life is Even Better

With your in-house legal team free to focus on work that better matches their expertise, your attorneys are happier and more productive, you see a drop in attrition, your workflow is more efficient, and - thanks to $100,000 in savings on outside counsel spend - your bottom line is even healthier than before.

Axiom provides flexible legal talent to help meet businesses' ever-changing needs. Axiom is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.


Get legal support from Axiom

Get legal support from Axiom

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