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Legal Budgeting in the New Normal

GCs must challenge business precedent where it no longer serves them, starting with their budgets.

GCs have traditionally relied on precedent when building their budgets. That incremental model may no longer serve them in this unprecedented  environment. Using the COVID economy as a forcing mechanism, GCs now have the opportunity to fundamentally reexamine how they build and spend their legal budget.

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Embrace alternative budgeting:
  • Consider non-traditional approaches to the budget that focus on alignment, cost reduction, and improved communication with business partners
  • Unlock the power of transformative budgeting by reexamining legal workstreams
  • Match legal matters to the right legal resources

How Axiom can help

Axiom can help support you through the resource allocation process. Our expertise and specialized on-demand talent can help GCs reallocate work across a number of COVID economy-related legal matters, including:

Labor and Employment
Employee agreements, compliance, investigations, support and maintenance of policies and procedures

Real Estate
Design and construction, real estate finance, portfolio management, transactional work, and DIRT law

Commercial Contracts
Vendor, technology, sales, procurement, and more

Regulatory Response
GDPR, CCPA, LIBOR, IM4 & 5, QFC Resolution Stay

Data Privacy Management
Privacy impact statements, subject access requests, third-party privacy agreements, privacy notices

Workouts and Restructuring
Loan and security document agreements, forbearance agreement drafting and negotiation, bilateral loan restructuring and renegotiation

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Rethink legal budgeting.
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