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Large State Health System Gets a Dose of Powerful Legal Support to Complete Major Acquisition

Life is Good

Picture this… you're the most comprehensive healthcare system in your state. With a multi-billion-dollar operating revenue and a staff of over 3,000, you deliver the full continuum of care via thousands of medical providers and hundreds of locations across approximately 200 cities and towns. From hospitals and home health services to behavioral care and senior living facilities, you touch thousands of lives every day.

Big Challenge

But, you're acquiring a hospital to expand your network, and you need assistance completing due diligence activities. With just three short weeks to examine more than 500 contracts, ensure they're Stark/Anti-Kickback compliant, and meet fair market value (FMV) standards, you realize you're going to have to bring in some specialists.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We quickly deploy a team of three lawyers with the right experience to handle the operation. They immediately get to work extracting specific commercial terms from physician agreements, leases, professional services agreements, vendor agreements, and purchase asset agreements, then carefully check everything to ensure compliance requirements and FMV standards are met.

Life is Even Better

Your contract review is a success, your acquisition is complete, and you save $150,000. Plus, despite a dramatic increase in the scope of work during the project, the legal team meets your original deadline, flagging risk exposures and opportunities for synergies during post-close integration – and leaving you in even better condition than before.

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Get legal support from Axiom

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