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Axiom Case Study

Leading mattress chain puts 60-day bankruptcy deadline to bed in record time with help of temporary legal staff

Life is Good

Picture this… you're America's largest specialty mattress retail chain, with more than 2,400 stores across 49 states. You've been delivering the best prices, selection, shopping experiences, and sleep to customers for nearly a century.

Big Challenge

But, a focus on growth left you overstuffed and in need of bankruptcy protections. To maximize your real estate investments, you must quickly restructure - and that means remediating more than 2,000 leases and closing 700 locations in 60 days. There's no cushion on that deadline, and your in-house legal team just doesn't have the capacity.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We send over six attorneys, who seamlessly integrate with your in-house legal team, holding weekly meetings to smooth any bumps, and collaborating with your real estate brokers, landlords, and internal stakeholders to ensure expectations are met. As efficient as they are experienced, the lawyers swiftly remediate over 350 lease amendments each.

Life is Even Better

You emerge from bankruptcy on time, closing 700 underperforming store locations in 48 days. Thanks to a cost-effective solution that easily adjusted to a shifting workflow, a team of skilled lawyers who worked tirelessly, and ongoing reporting that allowed you to rest assured the project was in good hands, you're now more comfortably positioned for the future.

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Axiom provides flexible legal talent to help meet businesses' ever-changing needs. Axiom is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.