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Axiom Lawyer Case Study

Former Am Law 50 lawyer finds new home with Axiom practicing data privacy law

Life is Good

Picture this… you’ve spent almost your entire career in litigation at two top law firms imagining you’ll continue honing your skills in this field for decades to come. You’re an expert litigator and highly respected for your comprehensive skillset and international expertise.

Big Challenge

But, after a taste of cybersecurity law, you decide to aid your firm with a temporary project related to GDPR. Once the project ends, you realize your true passion lies in data privacy. You don’t think staying at your firm is the best place for you to gain more experience, but you don’t know how to move in-house at a reputable organization without an extensive background in this field.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. Your first engagement is with a large Fortune 50 telecom provider with a fully robust privacy team. You and your client mutually benefit from each other; the client gains access to your knowledge and skills, and you learn the ins and outs of how a successful in-house legal team works while honing your data privacy skills.

Life is Even Better

Now, your six-month engagement has extended to three years. You’ve become exceptionally experienced in data privacy and are equipped to bring your wealth of knowledge to your next high-caliber client when this engagement ends. You’re approached by many other reputable organizations to join their legal teams, but you know the compensation, flexibility, and diverse experiences will keep you on your Axiom career path. That’s what it looks like when your higher standards are welcome.  

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