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Axiom Case Study

Global investment bank gains a wealth of critical expertise that yields $400,000 in cost savings

“We were able to accomplish more as a department, save over $400,000 on our legal spend, and maintain flexibility as our needs changed.”

GC, Global Investment Bank


Life is Good

Picture this… you’re one of the world’s leading wealth managers, with nearly 50,000 employees and more than $1.5T in assets under management. Serving your customers with care and an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ve been building lasting value since the 1800s.

Big Challenge

But, you have to create a series of complex commercial agreements to service a new series of investment funds, and your in-house legal team lacks the capacity and specific expertise to get it done. You need to bring in someone who can seamlessly integrate with your legal and compliance teams and skillfully navigate marker and regulatory development – and do it all as flexibly and cost-effectively as possible.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We quickly secure a lawyer with funds experience to provide the legal and regulatory capabilities required. Operating independently, the lawyer immediately returns value by partnering with clearing houses, advising on a variety of legal matters related to creating the funds, and helping prepare and execute credit support documentation and non-disclosure, trading, custody, and standard clearing agreements.


Life is Even Better

Now, you have a high-quality, flexible legal solution that lets your in-house team focus on day-to-day matters – and saves you more than $400,000. The performance on your funds project is so strong that when a Brexit initiative arises that involves reviewing onboarding legal documents, preparing summary reports, and supporting ongoing maintenance, you know you have a resource you can bank on.

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