Axiom Case Study

Aesthetic medicine company sheds line of business, gains $40B

Life is Good

Picture this… you’re a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the most recognizable aesthetic brands in the world. Backed by science and driven by innovation, your in-house research and development team creates the products that empower confidence.

Big Challenge

But, you want to unload your generics business – and even have a buyer – except the process and particulars are weighing you down. You anticipated the transaction would require a review of 3,000-9,000 contracts for confidentiality and exclusivity. It turns out the actual number is closer to 50,000. You’re facing 10 times more work, but the timeline remains the same.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We provide contract analysts – up to 100 at one point – who have the expertise to support the range, complexity, and 25 different languages your contracts represent. They quickly see an opportunity to streamline the project by getting the buyer involved and, working with both parties, develop a project management plan that includes an exhaustive list of terms to review, a bill-sharing agreement, and a way to identify product-selling restrictions.


Life is Even Better

Now, the transaction is complete, your product line is trimmer, and your bank account is $40B fatter. The legal portion of the project was handled so smoothly, including keeping critical stakeholders updated of any potential conflicts, both parties are calling it a success. Who knew a divestiture process could look so good?

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