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Diversity by Design: A Programmatic Approach to Addressing Systemic Inequities

Start Date and Time: 2020-10-07 13:00:00

End Date and Time: 2020-10-07 14:00:00

Location: Webinar


Axiom debuted its 2nd annual diversity report, sharing its diversity data across gender and race/ethnicity while reaffirming their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. They also unveiled their newfound mission, mandate—a programmatic framework for addressing systemic representation, retention, and advancement inequities: Diversity by Design.


Join Axiom in this conversation to learn more about Diversity by Design and why it’s essential to engineer and embed diversity within an operating model and business practices. Diversity leaders and Axiom lawyers will discuss what it means to re-wire for diversity.


The discussion focused specifically on:

  • Why legal leaders must (re)examine and go beyond diversity statistics to glean more meaningful insights
  • What Diversity by Design means and why it can fundamentally influence and drive performance, innovation, and productivity.
  • How Diversity by Design can channel one’s business model’s strengths toward increasingly larger and more substantive change for everyone in the legal ecosystem and beyond.



Catherine Kemnitz, SVP Legal & Operations at Axiom


LeMonte McGraw, SVP IT at Axiom

John Spinnato, Axiom Attorney, NAACP Foundation Board Member

Selene Costello, Axiom Attorney, DEI Strategist


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