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5 Easy Steps to Get Started with Axiom

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Stopwatch Icon Start

1. Get in touch

  • Reach out – call or email us 
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Stopwatch Icon Within 24 hours

2. We will set up a consultation to confirm your preferences

  • An Axiom representative will get back to you to schedule a quick conversation, during which we will identify your business and legal requirements and budget.  
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Stopwatch Icon 24-48 hours after our conversation with you

3. You will receive a curated list of lawyers

  • We will provide you with a list of lawyer biographies matched to your specific needsincluding practice areas, years of experience, location and region, company culture, length of engagement, and budget.
  • At your convenience, let us know which lawyers you would like to interview. 
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Stopwatch Icon Within 2-5 days of receiving your preferences

4. Lawyers matched to your needs will be ready for interviews

  • Lawyers will be briefed on your needs, the engagement, and your company to provide you with a productive interview experience.
  • When you are ready, let us know which lawyers you would like to work with. 
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Stopwatch Icon Within 1 week of you selecting your lawyers

5. Lawyers will be ready to start working with you

  • We orient lawyers to your company culture and business needs so they can deliver value from day one.
  • Our best-in-class practices streamline the lawyer onboarding process. Before every engagement, Axiom facilitates: expectation setting between the lawyer and client; education of the lawyer on the client culture; access to internal technology, systems, and credentials; kick-off calls with clients and lawyers; communication between the client and Axiom.