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Axiom Case Study

Major airline gets cost-effective legal support that helps productivity soar and lands over $5M in savings

Life is Good

Picture this… you're one of the world's largest airlines, serving 300+ destinations in 50+ countries on six continents. Nearly 200 million people fly with you every year, trusting you to get them where they're going with efficiency, comfort, and care.

Big Challenge

But, your in-house commercial contracting team is experiencing turbulence with a rising influx of work. You have over 100 multilingual commercial and IT contracts and real estate leases per month requiring attention - and you'd love to align your supply chain to make the review and approval process more efficient, too. The pressure is on to secure an outside law firm, but the last time you did that, the fees were sky high, and the work was substandard. You need first-class legal support that can do the job well without busting your budget.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. We immediately send in a crew of four lawyers with contract expertise and Chinese and Spanish language capabilities, plus a real estate lawyer to oversee those leases. Working both onsite and remotely, they fly through the project with deftness and proficiency, leaving you with built-out playbooks, as well as the tools to develop standardized processes and best practices.

Life is Even Better

Now, your contracts and leases are expertly managed, your team is focused on more strategic work, and the entire endeavor costs you $5M less than using a law firm. And with your supply chain issues straightened out, efficiency takes off, leading to higher output, lower frustration, and a better bottom line.

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