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Axiom Lawyer Case Study

Junior lawyer jumps from law school to big clients

Life is Good

Picture this… you graduate law school eager to dive right away into exciting new opportunities. You’re an intellectual property attorney wondering what options are available to someone at your level, and what kind of career options await you.

Big Challenge

But, you know if you go through a law firm, you’ll have to wait years for access to bigger clients and deals, and if you go in-house, you’re too junior to be hired by the larger, more well-known corporations. You worry your options are limited as you face a forced compromise.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. Your skills are immediately put to use, and your first client is one of the most recognized manufacturers of home appliances. Next, you move on to a global oil and gas corporation in the energy sector. You experience various practice settings with other high-profile companies, all within the first three years out of law school.

Life is Even Better

Now, you are fully ingrained as part of the legal team with one of the world’s most revered entertainment companies, working with studios and video games daily. You can even add “credit for a ‘Game of the Year’ by Esquire” to your resume. That’s what it looks like when your higher standards are welcome.  

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