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Upcoming Webinar

Structuring for Success: How to Future-Proof Your Legal Department

September 27, 2023 | 01 PM EDT

60 min

About the Webinar

A whopping 98% of GCs are responding to management’s calls for in-house teams to be better value enablers by either making or planning to make changes to their departmental structure. Often, CEOs and CFOs are attracted to decentralization, or a structure in which lawyers are co-located with their business teams, due to the model’s perceived benefit of driving economic value for the business.  

But there’s a problem – decentralization often leads to inefficiency, lack of visibility, and ineffective risk mitigation, hurting the business’s bottom line – and GCs know it. 

Why are GCs making changes they don’t want to? What do GCs actually want, and how can they make the case to leadership? 

Register and learn how to leverage data to better advocate for the legal department organizational structure that will actually empower legal teams to best serve the needs of the business. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • An understanding of legal department organizational models: Gain a better understanding of centralized, hybrid, and decentralized models, their unique characteristics, and the benefits and risks associated with each.   
  • Insight into the trend toward decentralized legal teams: Learn potential implications for the legal team, business operations, and the business’s bottom line and how to identify and articulate the key challenges, potential inefficiency, lack of visibility, and risk associated with decentralized legal department structures. 
  • The blueprint for an effective structure: Get access to a five-step blueprint for building a future-proof legal department structure that enables collaboration with fellow C-Suite executives and a core team of legal generalists.  
  • How to bridge the GC/C-Suite divide: Learn what accounts for differences between the GC/C-Suite perspective when it comes to legal department organization and how to make the business case for a more effective model.  


Zach Abramowitz

Zach Abramowitz

Founder & Legal Startup Investor, Killer Whale Strategies


David McVeigh

CEO, Axiom


Ashlin Quirk

GC, Axiom


Olga V. Mack

Digital Transformation Executive, LexisNexis | Above the Law + ACC Docket Legal Tech & Future of Law Columnist

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