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On-Demand Webinar

Navigating Influencer Marketing Agreements for In-House Counsel

October 10, 2023 | 01 PM EDT

60 min

About the Webinar

Influencer marketing is now a $21.1 billion industry, according to Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2023 Benchmark Report. Whether you’re new to the world of influencer marketing agreements or your company has been contracting with influencers to market a product or a service for years, you might be feeling overwhelmed – contracting with influencers introduces risk, and regulations surrounding influencer marketing are only likely to continue to grow more complex. 

Join us for an informative session designed to help in-house counsel and legal leaders navigate the ever-changing world of influencer agreements. Learn considerations for protecting your brand and how to better foster mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers that will make you a stronger partner to company leadership. 

Key Takeaways Include: 

Understanding the Influencer Marketing Landscape: Learn about the latest trends, popular platforms, and the significance of influencer partnerships for brand promotion. 

Crucial Considerations: Learn how updated FTC guidelines and disclosure requirements could impact the ways in which legal teams work with influencers. 

Managing Agreements: Hear practical advice and quick tips for better managing influencer agreements. 

Risk Mitigation Strategies: Explore strategies for mitigating risks associated with influencer partnerships, including monitoring influencer activities, implementing content approval processes, and setting clear expectations. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn to better navigate the realm of influencer marketing! 


Zach Abramowitz

Zach Abramowitz

Founder & Legal Startup Investor, Killer Whale Strategies


Leroy Pelicci

Asst. General Counsel: IP & Influencer Marketing, L'Oreal


Marnita Robertson

Commercial Contracts Lawyer, Axiom

IMG-7073 (1)

Priscilya Hawkes

Commercial Contracts Lawyer, Axiom

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