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On-Demand Webinar

AI Unpacked: Riding the LLM Wave in Law

July 26, 2023 | 01 PM EDT

60 min

About the Webinar

AI is reshaping the legal field, and Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are at the forefront of this transformation. On previous installments of the Higher Bar webinar series, we’ve discussed how these powerful tools are changing the way we work. This installment dives a bit deeper, not only equipping you with a better understanding of how they are likely to impact the way you practice, but also how you can actually leverage them effectively in your practice. This webinar, hosted in partnership with Axiom, aims to make that possible.

  1. We will break down how LLMs like ChatGPT differ from previous AI technologies and why they're essential for modern legal professionals. 
  1. We want to equip you with the knowledge to comfortably converse about AI in your law firm or department. No more feeling lost in the tech talk! 
  1. Our session won't just be theory - we'll provide practical advice on how you can use ChatGPT and other LLMs in your day-to-day work. 
  1. Partnering with Axiom: We are key players in legal innovation and will share our insights on AI's implications in the field and case studies of how we support our clients in navigating the AI-driven landscape. 

By the end of this webinar, you'll have a clear understanding of AI in law, practical ways to utilize LLMs, and the confidence to engage in AI discussions. 


Zach Abramowitz

Zach Abramowitz

Founder & Legal Startup Investor, Killer Whale Strategies


Chris Frickland

Director of Technical Product Management, Axiom

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