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The upcoming IR35 changes on April 6th 2021 will fundamentally alter how businesses can engage with legal contractors, and how legal contractors can continue to work flexibly and with a range of clients.

Axiom’s free guide IR35: Navigating Flexible Legal Talent After April 2021 provides insight for in-house legal teams and contractors about the impact of the changes to IR35 and how Axiom can help. It covers:

  • How in-house teams can continue to manage their department effectively given the effect of IR35's changes on flexible resourcing
  • How freelance lawyers will be impacted by the changes to IR35
  • The wider impact on the UK legal industry after April 2021

Get the guide for actionable advice on how to prepare for the changes to IR35.

Find out how Axiom can help you adjust to the changes to IR35.

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