Contracts Intelligence Platform for Lease Accounting

Axiom can help locate and understand your embedded leases.

A New Lease on Life

The definition of a lease has expanded to include ‘embedded leases’. Under the new lease accounting standards IFRS 16 and ASC 842, leases now encompass a broader set of arrangements, requiring organizations to report the value of all of leases on their balance sheet.

The Path to Compliance

Find your embedded leases
Add the lease value to your balance sheet
Clean up your balance sheet

Collect potentially in-scope contracts

Find your embedded leases

Amend & remediate if needed

Aggregate. Analyze. Amend.

Axiom’s combination of top quality legal expertise, AI and tech-enabled contract review helps to gather contracts, captures key terms and amends contracts where necessary following analysis. This minimizes impact on your balance sheet, whilst providing a centralized repository to easily access and organize structured data outputs.

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